I’ve Finally Hit The Floor

Ever since I started exploring procedural wood shaders, I’ve wanted to then use those to make wooden planked floors. As I mentioned in a previous post, a wooden log is cut into boards by slicing it along the long axis of the trunk, moving outwards from the center. There are several ways to cut a log, but basically since I have a nice cylindrical chunk of wood I should be able to make “boards” out of it by simply moving the texture coordinates around. So, if I can get a repeated pattern across a flat plane, and move the coordinates […]

More Power

I finally upgraded my old laptop to one with an NVIDIA GPU, and that will help me to render a lot faster. One of my excuses for not posting very frequently is that it takes a long time to develop shaders with my slooooow rendering speeds, so now I don’t have that excuse anymore. I hope this means I will post more than once every few months.

More About Texture Coordinates

While creating the Red Oak shader, we used the “Object” coordinates: I mentioned that this will make the wood shader three-dimensional, as if our objects are carved out of a solid block of wood. The reason is that the Object used for the coordinates is by default the object that the shader is applied to. For example, if we duplicate our board that we used to create the shader, you can see that the texture coordinates are the same on both objects: However, you can actually set the object to anything you want, and your texture coordinates are based on […]

Shader Ball

I figured if I’m making shaders I should make a shader ball. I don’t know if this is any better or worse than others out there, but it was an interesting object to think about. I tried to make it minimalist but still with helpful details. Behold: You can download it from BlendSwap here.

New Look

It’s only been a couple of months, but I decided to change the look of this blog. I initially hand-coded the site using WordPress as the backend, but I decided I wanted to try turning on the commenting feature. It seemed like a good bit of work to get the commenting infrastructure merged into my site layout, so I decided to try going all in with WordPress. I modified the Wilson quite a bit to match the look I wanted and so far, I’m pretty happy with the result.

Shaders In The Wild

An artist named Stephen Hamacek just contacted me to show me a project he did where he used some of my procedural wood shaders. It uses Bullet Physics for the realistic ball movement, and just looks really amazing overall! This certainly puts anything I did in university to shame…

Let’s do this…

Welcome to my humble space on the web. I plan to write about graphics and coding topics that I find interesting, and I hope you will also find something to enjoy about them.  Onward!

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