Hello From The Other Side

So far I’ve only posted about graphics explorations, but I also intended to talk about coding projects. I’ve been working on one lately that has taken my time away from graphical things, but that’s because I realized I started it quite a while ago. I always meant to finish it but life rarely goes exactly the way you expect it will. Eleven years ago, I wanted to get out of the game industry and back into software. I’d been working with Python a little at work, and decided to write a meaty personal project to get better at it. I […]

My First Blender Add-on

I’ve got a background in programming, so I often think about writing a plugin or add-on for Blender, but I’ve never gotten around to it. A couple of days ago I finally did write something simple, and you can download it here: Distance-Based Subdivision It’s a simple script that sets Subdivision levels for objects in your scene based on the distance from the camera. Check it out and let me know what you think! Here are the contents of the Readme file: The way the script works is that you set a “Near Distance” and a “Far Distance.” Anything closer […]

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