MonthAugust 2017

Procedural Wood: From Oak to Maple, Part 1

I wanted to show an example of a wood that is popularly used, but has different characteristics than Red Oak.  I decided on Maple as I’ve worked on a Maple shader before and it’s different enough, yet there are enough similarities that the Oak shader is helpful.  I was going to start at an earlier point, but unfortunately due to the way I wrote the parts of the Oak tutorial, it’s much much easier to start from the finished Oak shader.   If you didn’t follow it, I’d suggest going through the tutorial for the educational value, but you can […]

More Power

I finally upgraded my old laptop to one with an NVIDIA GPU, and that will help me to render a lot faster. One of my excuses for not posting very frequently is that it takes a long time to develop shaders with my slooooow rendering speeds, so now I don’t have that excuse anymore. I hope this means I will post more than once every few months.

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