My weapon of choice for 3d art at the moment. It’s free and quite capable.
A repository for free, CC-licensed 3d content. This is a link to my models and shaders, but there is way more awesome content from talented artists available there.
Daily Blender and 3d graphics news
Blender StackExchange
An area of the wonderful StackExchange site dedicated to Blender. If you have a question about Blender, go here for the answer. Incredible, amazing font of Blender knowledge.
A great educational website by Blender legend Andrew Price.
Ed Emberley’s Website
Ed Emberley is a wonderful illustrator whose books had a huge impact on my love of drawing as a child.
El Brujo De La Tribu
This is a blog of Blender shader tutorials. He has a lot of fantastic shaders to learn from, with very clear step-by-step examples.
The Wood Database
A fantastic resource for wood grain patterns with great closeups of end-grain. Invaluable for researching realistic wood shaders.
MyFonts has a ton of amazing typefaces for purchase.
Google Fonts
Free, high quality web fonts. How can you go wrong?
Laughing Squid Web Hosting
My preferred web host. They are very reasonably priced and easy to work with.