I’ve been interested in art since I could hold a pencil, and computers since they wheeled one into my first grade classroom back in [redacted]. I got into programming in school but would often draw art for video games I’d never get around to actually coding. I wanted to go into design but being good at math I was routed into technical schooling, so I took art classes on the side. I’ll never forget one of my drawing teachers being disappointed that art wasn’t my chosen path, but she was hopeful that whatever I chose, I’d use my creativity and artistic sense. I’m sure she’ll never see this nor likely even remember me, but her words have stuck with me after all these years. I worked for several years in the entertainment industry and was quite humbled to see the absolutely incredible talent of the artists, so I stayed with technology. Nevertheless, this site is an attempt to explore both my creative and technical sides, and I hope someone will find something useful here.


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